Monday, March 12, 2007

We are bloggers

Dave wrote a nice piece the other day. Made me think about how I look at things since I started blogging. Blogging can actually make your life appear more interesting than it really is. It also makes me think alot more about how different people see the same issues, and how a little extra information can make the difference.
But the main thing blogging has done for me is give me an outlet for all the things I think about that many of the people around me have no interest in. Few members of my social group care very much about the coal plant. Or golf courses. Or the malting plant RR spur. These things come up in conversation and I hear something along the lines of The Citys corrupt, vote 'em all out and start over, this article on ice off walleye fishing is great, think we can get the boat on Francis yet.
And yes, as those who read here know, I will try to be on the boat. And I am quite knowledgeable about ice off walleye tactics, and midsummer, and fall walleye tactics. Jigging and cranks and spinner rigs. But there are other things I am interested in. And blogging gives a nice outlet for those things.

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