Friday, November 24, 2006

Oh, Oh, wait!!!!

I almost forgot!!

With all the busy ness in the last few days I forgot a very important post, that I know you all want to read about!

It is that time of year! The time we have all been waiting for, oh so patiently!

Yes, walleye fishing is slowing down, water temp has dropped to a suffient degree
--it is that short period of time before the river freezes--

Ling Fishing!
I know, control your joy. It is once again time to spend peaceful evenings down on the riverbank, a wintery chill in the air, warming frigid toes beside a nice fire, sipping a toddy. A few short weeks, and the opportunity will be gone until spring, when the ice is coming off.
Ling are very tasty, but one has limited opportunities to stock up the freezer. Must make the most of this time. Perhaps tonight.
So I'm off work at 5:00 tuesday. Collect the kid, so it's sixish by the time we arrive home. I am not prepared for the coming day. However, the other half pitches in and we get the house mostly clean, and all the while, I'm compiling the list of all the things I have forgotten to buy, that I will need for the massive feast that will kick off on the morrow. A quick dinner, and it's off to the grocery, armed with the list of all the things I have remembered I need. Speed shopping at it's finest. With of course, the five year old that does not yet comprehend " We are in a hurry, that means no you can't look at every damn toy the store hangs there just to make this harder on all the poor moms who just want to get their pecans and go have a beer..."

Apon our arrival back at the old homestead, we discover the help has succumed. Asleep in his chair, an occasional whuffle the only sign of life. The girl must get her Barbie fix, so I set her up on the computer, and it's on with the show.

About tenish, I check the turkey for thawedness, which leads to the realization- I forgot to buy a damn roasting pan! Hmm, 20 lb bird, 5 hours in the oven, eat at about 3, must be in the oven by 10, but need an hour for the pies first, and must have stuffing ready when the bird goes in, so another trip to the store in the morning before I can get that all started, what else did I forget.

Of course, the other half didn't wake me up, He was being nice ya know, cuz he knows I will have a long day, so at 8:35 I open my eyes and look at the clock. CRAP, 25 minutes to get up, dressed, to the store and back, the pies must. go. in. by. 9 and that is cutting things very close! Things may have gone bad there, but luckily, I am the type that can prepare myself for a trip to the store in about 2 minutes, so off I go. (Aarghh, I left my coffee sitting on the table!)
Oh, casual acquaintances, you must remember, early morning at the store ON THANKSGIVING DAY is not the place to strike up a conversation with the woman you think you know, very bad form. Nod, smile, move on. If she looks like she will run at the slightest break in conversation, let her go! There are pies waiting and those eggs are not going to devil themselves!

Back home to my coffee. and kitchen. Things went pretty well after that, I only scorched one pie crust, didn't chop off any fingers, and managed to instigate a wonderful arguement between every member of the other half's family about how to tell when the turkey is done. Priceless. I didn't actually need any info on that subject, but you should have seen the looks on their faces as I turned away from the oven, full of indecision, and asked oh so innocently, "How do I tell if it's done? " Like I haven't been feeding them turkey every year for the last six years.

My children dissapeared as friends and family departed, so by evening it was just a couple good friends, me and the other half and the rest of the wine. I managed to make most of that go away too. Through steely self discipline, I washed dishes and cleaned as needed all through the day, so the kitchen is relatively clean this morning, the other half had to work, I have no children, leftover pie, and plenty of coffee. Life is good. I am thankful.
Hope it was great for all of you!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

In 1882

Photographed by F. Jay Haynes, Summer, 1880
Haynes Foundation Collection Montana Historical Society H-326
from a high point on the plains near the confluence of the Missouri and Sun rivers, Paris Gibson first viewed the area where he would start a city.
Unlike many other western cities, Great Falls was planned by a practical and extremely thoughtful man. While organizing the town, Gibson made sure the streets were laid out in a precise, arrow- straight pattern, and he set aside 886 acres for city parks. Gibson believed beauty was important in a city and personally made sure that elm, ash, and fir trees were planted on every street and boulevard. Now we have several other varieties of trees spreading around town, helping out with the fall foliage color scheme.
Our original township had a well planned grid of streets, nicely numbered, north, south, east, west, because unlike many other cities, Great Falls was planned by a practical and extremely thoughtful man. (Now, I personally think the folks who mapped Missoula gave a drunk a couple hits of acid and followed him around the valley for a few days.)

As our town grew, new developments veered away from the original structured system, and curved and cul de saced, and were named Ivy Lane and Doris Drive, and such like, causing yours truly pains as she attempts to figure out where the heck some of these places are. But the originals are names everyone here knows, and they are part of our town, even if some of them do smell.

I remember coming in to town off Airport hill at night in the late ‘70’s and seeing the city lights spread out below us.

I remember coming into town the same way a few weeks ago, and seeing the city lights spread out. And around. And up. There is a lot more to the town than there was thirty years ago. I wonder if Mr. Gibson would be happy with what his dream has become.

"I'm bored"

two words I would never say to my mom.
She always found us things to do. And they were not fun things.
So I suggest cleaning of the rooms, picking up the mess, er, house, or read a book, or Lego's, Barbies, Polly, movies, games, a trip to the salt mines..... No, those things are no fun. So I mention if all those toys are no fun, I can simply stop buying them.
Now the girl is walking around singing "I'm not bored, I'm not bored".

Hey computer people

Why has my screen started wildly scrolling up and down for absolutely no reason? And how do I fix it? Help!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

"The Growth of Principles."

This was written by The Honourable Joseph Neilson, Chief Justice of the City Court of Brooklyn, in 1875.

"At the sea shore you pick up a pebble, fashioned after a law of nature, in the exact form that best resists pressure, and worn as smooth as glass. It is so perfect that you take it as a keepsake. But could you know its history from the time when a rough fragment of rock fell from the overhanging cliff into the sea, to be taken possession of by the under currents, and dragged from one ocean to another, perhaps around the world, for a hundred years, until in reduced and perfect form it was cast upon the beach as you find it, you would have a fit illustration of what many principles, now in familiar use, have endured, thus tried, tortured and fashioned during the ages. We stand by the river and admire the great body of water flowing so sweetly on; could you trace it back to its source, you might find a mere rivulet, but meandering on, joined by other streams and by secret springs, and fed by the rains and dews of heaven, it gathers volume and force, makes its way through the gorges of the mountains, plows, widens and deepens its channel through the provinces, and attains its present majesty. Thus it is that our truest systems of science had small beginnings, gradual and countless contributions, and finally took their place in use, as each of you, from helpless childhood and feeble boyhood, have grown to your present strength and maturity. No such system could be born in a day. It was not as when nature in fitful pulsations of her strength suddenly lifted the land into mountain ranges, but rather, as with small accretions, gathered in during countless years, she builds her islands in the seas.

"It took a long time to learn the true nature and office of governments; to discover and secure the principles commonly indicated by such terms as 'Magna Charta,' the 'Bill of Rights,' 'Habeas Corpus,' and the 'Right of trial by jury;' to found the family home, with its laws of social order, regulating the rights and duties of each member of it, so that the music at the domestic hearth might flow on without discord; the household gods so securely planted that 'Though the wind and the rain might enter, the king could not'; to educate noise into music, and music into melody; to infuse into the social code and into the law a spirit of Christian charity, something of the benign temper of the New Testament, so that no man could be persecuted for conscience sake, so that there should be an end of human sacrifice for mere faith or opinion; the smouldering fires at the foot of the stake put out, now, thank God, as effectually as if all the waters that this night flood the rivers had been poured in upon them. It took a long time to learn that war was a foolish and cruel method of settling international differences as compared with arbitration; to learn that piracy was less profitable than a liberal commerce; that unpaid labor was not as good as well-requited toil; that a splenetic old woman, falling into trances and shrieking prophecies, was a fit subject for the asylum rather than to be burned as a witch.

"It took a long, long time after the art of printing had been perfected before we learned the priceless value, the sovereign dignity and usefulness of a free press.

"But these lessons have been taught and learned; taught for the most part by the prophets of our race, men living in advance of their age, and understood only by the succeeding generations. But you have the inheritance."


Well, the other half went to brand some cows. I should be doing laundry or dishes or any of the other things I haven't been doing enough of lately, but instead, I am writing and commenting! Aren't y'all lucky!

I'm bored with my header again. Any ideas?

I also notice Blogger is pushing it new Beta feature like a pimp with a new wh...ell, never mind. Any one tried it out yet? Beta Blogger that is.

I squished my little pinkie finger today, and like a real girl, I am whining about it. It hurts, damn it! Oh, and high heels, which I have not worn for forever, but somehow am again, suck. I don't mind dressing nice, actually enjoy it most times, but women's shoes are torture devices that I could live without. Especially when you have like, very limited options in the shoe area. Ah, the sacrifices we make to look good.

And this really gets me. In a women's bathroom is a sign that says If needed, please clean off the seat when you're done. (I paraphrased, it says more than that, but you don't really need to know it all)
Now this is a women's bathroom. I want to know, how is missing the target such a big problem for someone that there needs to be a statement about it?? I mean, is there really that much opportunity to miss? I thought women had up-splash issues pretty well covered. And I totally feel for the gal that decided to put the sign up. You really don't expect that particular problem in the ladies room.

Well, I gotta go do the things that keep the world moving, or at least enough of them to keep my little world relatively happy.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Real quick...

All you political wannabe’s remember your signs need to be removed 10 days after the election…. Not that anyone would take pictures and post them on the internet with scathing comments about how the sign code really makes the town look better. Just to be contrary.

Hey, I have a question (or three) for all you local readers that buzz through here. Evidently the Sign Code is being interpreted to say window graphics may only cover 1/3 of an architecturally distinct window. Period. Now when this thing was in the planning stage, several of the wonderful people planning it stated that if you wished to cover more than 1/3 of your window, you could, but it had to be permitted as a wall sign, and would count against that allowance.
Where did that go?
Why can a business not cover an entire window if it wishes?
How does it affect anyone but the business with the damn windows?
If a beauty salon wants to cover all its windows and work like a bunch of moles in a dark little hole why does the city have the right to tell them NO you must have light!?
Oh, and why is it only enforced it you try to get a permit? I seem to have noticed a couple windows here and there that have more than 1/3 coverage. Wonder if there is anyone out there who would take pictures and post them on the internet…

I am also curious who inspected the Flyin J sign. You know, because if these signs are like, inspected and permitted by a guy paid to do it, they will be safer, and won’t fall down, right? RIGHT? You can visually inspect a structural weld, right?

Oh, and Dave, I have no idea what post that last comment of yours addresses. But I understand what your saying.

Saturday, November 11, 2006


Now there was a little offense!

I feel bad, I have been a terrible blogger lately, and I have things to say, just no time to get it done. Once again, I cannot say I'll do better, because I doubt I will in the near future. Such is life.
I do have a post I may get up today, after the game. (Prioritys ya know!)

Anyway, elections are over, the results of which did not really thrill me or cause me the deep pain some of my fellow bloggers felt. The people have chosen, and we shall see. Electing politicians is kinda like golfing blind anyway. You might get close, but you'll never win.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I got a referral from blogshares, so I went and looked. It says my blog is worth over 9 grand. Where do I sign? I want my money.

In other news, Sunday hunting netted my buddy a nice 4 point bull REMOVED WHOLE! from a rather icky place to remove an elk. Great day.

Have you voted yet?

Saturday, November 04, 2006

WhooHoo, what a game! Pulled it out at the last seconds we did. Did you see how close that last kick was to not scoring? Damn. Griz Rule.

Friday, November 03, 2006

As GeeGuy says...

get out your wallets. Our Justices have had their hands slapped, and we get to pay Attorney Lawrence Anderson's legal fees.

Lawrence A. Anderson
The Justice Court, City of Great Falls, Cascade County Mt. JP Jensen, JP Harris and Acting JP Donahue

"The Justice Court was proceeding in excess of its jurisdiction due to the procedural defects....."

"To the extent that Petitioner is further aggrieved by subsequent proceedings of the Justice Court, Petitioner shall seek ordinary or extraordinary review in the manner otherwise provided by law in an independently filed proceeding"

"Petitioner has properly pled and is entitled to recover attorney fees and costs as damages in this proceeding"

Respondents JP Kathleen Jensen and Acting JP James Donahue appeared pro se. JP Sam Harris did not appear personally or through counsel. Petitioner Lawrence Anderson appeared personally and through counsel Timothy Strauch. (I think that's the guy who gets your money for attorney fees.)

So the local JP's overstepped their boundaries and got caught this time. Hopefully the ones that remain will remember.

I personally think Mr. Harris should have shown up. He is still Justice of the Peace, having chosen not to resign until the end of his term. So he should be there to defend his actions.

And just a bit on that, there has been conjecture on a master plan to somehow win the election and choose not to resign, the people have spoken type thing. Well dammit people, speak. He cannot win if you do not vote for him. Simple. This is why we have elections. If you don't vote, don't bitch, because it must not mean that much to you. Easy.

I really wish we did not have our Justices in the news as much as they have been lately. I feel comfortable when I can trust that they are doing their jobs, not causing any problems. When I hear about their actions costing the county (us) money, and people talking about private habits on the street, and conjectures about things we haven't even heard about yet, and Judges violating the rights of the people who appear before them, I do not really feel comfortable with the people that are judging us. I do not feel confident that our system is working in the best interest of the people.
Mr. Anderson is a people. The ones he represents are people. Just regular folks, you may see them on the street, they go home to families much like yours, and kiss their kids, and worry about college funds, or how to pay the rent. They believe our courts should be for the people, with the wrongdoers punished and the innocent vindicated, and Judges will treat everyone with decency and respect. People need to believe the system works. Perhaps that is why the standards for judges are high, and the conduct demanded of them exemplary. So people can have confidence that the system will work.