Saturday, April 29, 2006

Trains going by...

So I am sitting at the RR crossing watching the train go by. It lets out that ear shattering noise, the wheels grinding, metal on metal, the ground vibrating from the massive weight rumbling across it. I look at the grafitti, wondering who Desiree is, and why the guy who loves her chose to spray paint it on a train car traveling to far off places. Thinking of the places those cars received their anonymous art, whose hands created, whose minds envisioned, what their lives are like. The wanderlust awakens, and I dream of jumping the ties that bind, embarking on a journey with no clear destination, no concerns of bills and dishes, and when I must be where. Spending the night wherever I end up, in a town where I know no one and have never been before. New experiences just around the corner, yesterdays falling like autum leaves caught by the wind and tumbled to the wayside. The last car passes, the barriers come up and I drive back into today, still wondering about Desiree.
Trains are cool.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Just wrong

Just saw a thing on the morning show- The Star Spangled Banner translated to and sung in Spanish. Wrong, just wrong.
This is Great Falls Montana, and I saw a car driving around the other day with a big Mexican flag in the back window. Yeah, you love your country so much, you move about as far away as you can and still be be in the USA!

Didja know you can order personalized M & M's? Get you name on them and everything. While Easter shopping at Albertsons I saw a Giant Hershey's Bar. This thing was like the king daddy of Hershey bars. $30.00 worth of chocolate. I'm in love.

Anybody want some mint? Nice and hardy, lived here for generations, if you don't want it to, it will grow.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I have come up for air. Surfing blogland this morning I see I am not the only one neglecting the writing of meandering thoughts.

Ya know that phone call I mentioned in my last post? Well, it was the beginning of a series of Important Things that culminated in - A new boat! Well, not new, but new to us! I must now actually make some money.

Oh, and folks - if you have a sign that needs to be Grandfathered YOU must apply to the city with money, pleas, and pictures by June 1st. It is not automatic. You must apply. Let me know if you need information or advice.

Dave, as a mother who truly dislikes many things modern parents allow their children to get away with, and having discussed it at length with my 11 year old and after seeing your daughter on the news, I must say I think the schools have better things to complain about. The schools actions seem more disruptive than the cause.

Y'all have a nice day now.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Well, there was more to that last post, a rather smart alecky kinda short story about lawyers on the bridge in the fog, and liability, and things in triplicate and stuff, but I got a phone call, and things started going on and in like ten seconds everything was moving about twice as fast as my brain and I had to try to catch up, and things got deleted and posted when I wasn't ready, and I just now got back around to telling you all that. And isn't that a pretty magnificent run on sentence.

Well. I have a sorta rant. Ready?

John Kramer is leaving. Frustrated and weary. Can't blame him.

Should the City get out of golf? Out, out, out!!! Get out! Get out!

"A non profit operator would offer a number of advantages" Hmm. Like ACCOUNTABILITY & MANAGEMENT.

I have watched as horse racing has deteriorated, declined, atrophyed, over the years. You see, working at the track got me through many summers, without ever having to work in a typical horrible teen job. When we returned from Billings and I had just had my son, and really needed a good part time job, I went to the track. I know those people, and the lifestyle, and hated to watch the decline of something I loved due to mismanagement and negligence. It got a last gasping chance when SMG came in, but is too little, too late. Not enough people who could have made a difference put out the effort.

Golfers, you need to get involved. Stand up and tell the City those are your golf courses, and you expect and demand a certain level of competence in those that manage them.

If this city needs an attitude adjustment, the citizens are the only ones who are going to make a difference. Are you happy with where we are? Do you feel secure with where we are going? I hear (and read)* people complaining all the time, and I ask how many commission meetings have they been to, have they looked into this or that, did they vote, and I find they are just bitching and not doing anything. And half the time, they don't even really know what they are bitching about!* Yeah, that helps. You cannot expect things to change just because you think they should. You must go out on that limb and stand up for what you think, and believe. Learn the facts and stick to your guns. And if you fail at least you will know that you tried. And you can keep on trying. If enough people try there is no limit to what can be accomplished.
*Most of the people whose blogs I read are exempt from this.

I had a 11 year old kid apologise to me the other day for an incident where we both knew he had done wrong. I guarantee that looking me in the eye and saying sorry was one of the hardest things he has ever done. But he sucked it up and did it. It was his choice to say it, he didn't have to. But he learned something that will last. That freedom of choice. He knows I have a bit more respect for him, and that he did the right thing. If he keeps adding those little bits of character, honesty and respect, he will be a great person someday. He will stand up for himself and what he knows is right. That is all I could ask.

Okaay, I'm done. G'night.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Ahhhhhhrrgghhhh.. or something

Got started on the taxes. What a pain in the heiney. I made no money, owe no money, evidently get no money back, but must still get the blasted thing complete and sent in. Why does the gov't make doing things right so hard?
I wanna go fishing again this weekend, but doubt I will. Supposed to rain. Or something. deductions and depreciation and amortized shit falling from the sky. I need a big loophole to jump through and land on a lake in a boat I can't afford with the sun shining and a cold beer in my hand. And a big ass fish on my line.
Day dreaming off in la laa land...................................................................

Ok, damn, I'm back. Nothing changed.
Nothing good in the news. Why do they print lots of depressing shit and no good stuff?
Well, they picked a new spot for the federal court house. If it gets blown up I think I am in the blast zone. Wonder if it will affect my property value. Sure is going to make it fun driving around here. Usually a couple times a year they have to close the Central West bridge for a while in the morning because of fog. Virtually all the lawyers in this city have offices downtown.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Ya know, I don't much care if your cat is on a leash. I have never personally met a cat that appreciated being on a leash. But dogs are different. We were at the park yesterday with our ugly little dog - on a leash- and this guy comes into the park with his little mutt, who runs up to my dog barking its little head off, being an ass. Now my dog could have ripped this little mongrels head off but she couldn't get to it. Cuz she was on a leash. So I was rude to the guy. And he was surprised, like why are you being bitchy just because my dog is running around loose in a park full of kids being an ass to your dog which is tied up to the park bench. Large dogs bother me too, because I have small children. If a dog runs up to my kids barking - expect me to over react!

Any way, I have been sorta working. My daughter is learning to help Mom. Probably the only 4 year old in the state who knows how to run a plotter. And the boy got stepped on by a larger boy in gym, hurt his ankle and missed a day and a half- I have been calling him Wimpy Gimps-a-Lot. Yes, he really appreciates that.

I believe it is officially spring. Dave is most likely in a no more snow depression. I however am happyhappyhappy! Except for the tax thing coming like a freight train. Yes, I procrastinate.

Posting will most likely be rather sporadic, depending on when I have time and things to blab about.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Did some gardening yesterday. While cleaning out the leaves from my flowerbeds I discovered - My mint is going insane! It is like, taking over that section of dirt at an incredible rate. I got rather rude with it last fall, ripping handfuls away from the irises, and I think it took offense. It spread several feet in retaliation! I may have to get a bit more severe.

Monday, April 03, 2006

April Fools Day

I have been guilty in the past of committing some April Fools Pranks. I restrained myself this year. It was hard. I like good pranks, but when they are confined to a specific day it is much harder to get away with them. But the gulibility of some people is a source of amazement to me.
I think I will start planning for next year.
So, I have a plan. I did pushups and sit ups, got in some deep knee bends loading the dishwasher, up and down the steps helping the girl with her computer game, and other assorted exercises picking up the house and doing laundry. I figure if I can keep up a good pace while doing the regular house stuff and exaggerate the motions I am already doing it can only help. Ran the child (on her bike) and dog around the block a few times yesterday too. I am also rationing my cigarettes.

We went fishing Friday night. It was a beautiful night, just chilly enough to make a little fire nice, the wind picked up about 11:00 which was ok, the fish had stopped biting by then. We caught 14 ling, kept 7; two little ones that swallowed the hook but the rest were good fish. No trout or garbage fish.
The Other Half also got to go fishing on a private pond and got a nearly ten pound brown! He was absolutely giddy when he got home.

Oh, daylight savings time SUCKS!!!