Friday, January 20, 2006

Guide fined $10,000
A Townsend man accused of illegally taking clients big-game hunting in the Lewis and Clark National Forest was sentenced to probation and fined $10,000. He plead guilty to five counts of conducting service or work activity which was not authorized by federal law. He was expressly denied permission by the Forest Service to perform such services.
Court documents say he provided outfitting and guiding services to 20 clients, and received at least $56,590 for his services.

Billings man sentenced for embezzling
A former executive who embezzled more than $23,000 from an oil co. was given a three year suspended sentence. He pled guilty to felony theft and has made restitution of $21,425.

Case #1.
Violated federal law.
Fined $10,000 so he still MADE at least $46,000 for violating Federal law.
What happened to his outfitting privileges?
Were any game animals harvested? Why no poaching charges?
Why is he only being required to pay back less than 1/5 of the money he made while knowingly breaking federal law?
Was this a felony conviction?
How long is he on probation?

Case #2
Embezzled from a private co.
Paid restitution of close to the amount taken, and most likely some court costs.
Lost his job and will have a tough time getting another, with a felony theft conviction and three year suspended sentence.

Hmm, who would you steal from?

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